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Effect Of Music on Weight Gain in Pre-Term Baby

Author(s): Mitali Agrawal*, Bhavana Lakhkar and Mahaveer Lakhra


When babies are born preterm or suffer from some illness, they need to get admitted in NICU which can lead to stress and anxiety in mother. Music therapy is known to improve the milk secretion in mother, feeding, weight gain and outcome in babies. Many mothers are unable to provide sufficient amount of milk due to various reasons such as stress, anxiety, hormonal imbalance. Music improves endothelial function, as evaluated by flow-mediated vasodilation, according to a study by Michael Miller. The mechanism underlying the effect of positive emotions on endothelial Vaso-reactivity remains to be identified; one possible link is endorphin-mediated activation of endothelium- derived nitric oxide, an effect opposite to that observed when the potent vasoconstrictor endothelin- 1 is released in response to mental stress. Music therapy is a stress buster and has a positive effect on milk secretion. Music’s therapeutic value has been demonstrated in a few research based on physiological reactions to it in diverse situations. Music’s anxiolytic effects on patients prior to, during, and after surgery have long been known. This therapy helps in early recovery of babies from illness in NICU, increase weight gain and decrease hospital stay. It increases milk secretion in mother and increases bonding. We hypothesize that the postpartum stress in mothers can affect milk secretion and the same can be reduced with the use of music. Music therapy will enhance milk secretion in mothers causing better growth in baby and if music is there, it further enhances weight gain in baby.

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