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Effect of Tellurium Oxide Micro Particles Incorporation into PMMA on Some Mechanical Properties

Author(s): Riyam Hasan and Abdalbseet A Fatalla*


Background: PMMA has served as a primary model for the development of other dental materials; the mechanical properties of PMMA appliances and products are less than ideal. To address this issue, various fillers and oxides of silver, titanium, zinc, and zirconia have been incorporated. Therefore, the focus of the current study focused on incorporating tellurium oxide into heat cure PMMA denture base and studying its effect on PMMA properties.
Methods: PMMA properties their samples were prepared and divided into three groups (control and two experimental groups), ten samples for each group, Transverse strength test evaluated by universal testing machine, Impact strength test was performed by using charpy impact testing machine, Portable digital roughness tester (Profilometer device) was used to determine surface roughness and surface hardness measured by durometer hardness tester (shore D hardness).
Results: There is improvement in transverse strength, impact strength and surface hardness and decrease surface roughness after adding 3% and 5% Tellurium oxide compared to samples from the control group.
Conclusion: Incorporating the Tellurium oxide powder into heat cure acrylic material can succeed in producing a heat cure acrylic material with improved mechanical and physical properties.

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