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Efficacy of Simvastatin and Gel foam Combination Local Application on Bone Density, after Surgical Removal of Mandibular Third Molars

Author(s): Hayder Salih Mahdi* and Sahar Sh. Al-Adili


Aims of this study: This prospective comparative randomized clinical study trained to evaluate the effectiveness of local application of 10mg simvastatin on bone regeneration in the sockets of surgically extracted mandibular third molars by CBCT measuring of bone density three months post operatively. Methods and materials: This study was conducted from January 2019 to September2019. The subscribed patients were 24, 8 of them had bilateral mandibular third molars (MTM) indicated for surgical removal, so the 32 cases were 15 male and 17 female). Cases distributed randomly in tow groups; study (15) and control (17). After surgical removal of the mandibular third molars, the study group treated with local application of simvastatin + gel foam combination in the sockets of surgically extracted MTM, while the control group cases treated with application of gel foam only in their sockets. After three months, the density of reformed bone in the sockets of study group measured and compared with that of control group using cone beam computed tomography (CBCT). The statistical analysis accomplished by using Statistical Package for social Science (SPSS version 21) Results: At three months post operatively, CBCT bone density measurements showed that bone density was significantly higher in study group (486.78 Voxel Value)than in control group (327.00 Voxel Value).There are significant differences between study and control bone density (P-value=0.00). Conclusions: The local application of 10mg simvastatin powder + gel foam combination can increase the bone density in the sockets of surgically extracted MTM and it is safe to be used for ridge preservation after teeth extraction.

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