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Esthetic Rehabilitation of Anterior Teeth with Attrited and Abraded Dentition?A Case Report

Author(s): Neha Alone*, Snehal Kharwade, Grishmi Niswade, Deepa Pazare and Praktan Gire


The smile is the most important factor as it affects the social appearance, increases perceived attractiveness and is considered a signal of trustworthiness and intelligence. Dentists use tooth wear to fix smiles, but they are pathologic when it causes discomfort, changes the appearance and function of the dentition, and affects patients’ esthetics. Tooth wear, especially dental ceramics, is widely used to restore and rehabilitate anterior dentition because it restores the shape, texture, lustre and colour of the dentition. All ceramic restorations are most commonly used for the fabrication of the restoration as it gives esthetically excellent and long-term results. Of this, lithium-disilicate glass-ceramics are one of the newest generations which has high strength, adhesively bonded and also esthetically pleasing. In this case report, esthetic rehabilitation of dentition achieved with lithium- disilicate glass-ceramic (IPS e.max Press II) for the patient with abrasion and erosion.

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