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Evaluation of MBL Concerning All-on-4 Concept Using two Different Angles

Author(s): Mohammad A Hameed* and Thair A Hasan


Background: The “All-on-4” technique using 4 implants that has gained popularity in full arch edentulism cases in recent years was presented as a modern technique in implant-denture rehabilitation. Crestal bone loss has been postulated to have a multi-factorial etiology and can be considered to occur early or late in the lifetime of a dental implant. Aim: evaluation marginal bone level of dental implant related to all-on-4 concept. Materials and methods: This were a clinical prospective comparative study organized from February 2019 to March 2020 in the College of Dentistry Teaching Hospital, Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery/Dental Implant Unit/ University of Baghdad. A total of 15 Iraqi patients aged 41-73 years, 9 males & 6 females were enrolled in this study receiving 80 dental implants (All-on-4 concept). Patients classified into two groups, group A (All-on-4 with 2 anterior axial and 2 posteriors with angulation of 17°) and group B (All-on-4 with 2 anterior axial and 2 posteriors with angulation of 30°). For both, the surgical site of dental implant was examined for the hard and soft tissues clinically and radiographically utilizing OPG and CBCT. Result: The measurements of the marginal bone level of dental implants reported significant change observed between T1 & T3, while there were no significant changes radiographically in cases between categories. Regarding to gender, the mean of MBL of dental implant in males registered a significant increase in T3 in comparison with T1 (P=0.012). On the other hand, there were non-significant radiographical changes regarding gender at different times. Success rate was 95.24% Conclusion: All-on-4–style full-arch dental implant procedures have one of the highest success rates, the present study showed good clinical outcomes when using All-on-4 concept. MBL had significant changes in both males and females. There was irrelevant clinical analysis result in comparison to the stastical analysis in relation to MBL with different variables.

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