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Financial Status of People who Undergo Dental Treatment

Author(s): Bipin, Dhanraj Ganapathy* and Keerthi Sasanka L


Dental caries is one of the major oral health issues in most of the developing countries. If these caries aren’t diagnosed and treated in early stages, it will lead to potential threats where some of the population were not able to afford the treatment. So early dental treatment would prevent severe destruction of oral health and also avoids expenses to proceed the dental treatment. This study was a questionnaire-based study done on the adult population with ethical permissions from the institutional research board. The questionnaire had 15 questions related to the attitude and knowledge about affordable financial status by every patient undergoing dental treatment. The questionnaire was put up in the Survey Planet - An online based Survey platform and responses were collected. 94.6% of the people in rural areas lag awareness about dental treatment and this seems to be a shocking result as we are in the most advanced world. 53.8% of the study population still feel that they are not satisfied with the treatment given for what they pay. The purpose of the study was to know about the awareness and attitude about financial status of people undergoing dental treatment and check whether they were able to spend the required cost for the treatments. Nowadays even the technology is getting advanced, the people are still unable to afford dental treatment. Better awareness should be created among the people so that even the economically weaker section can also afford dental treatment.

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