Hemodynamic Status for Patients Anesthetized by Epinephrine | 59214

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Hemodynamic Status for Patients Anesthetized by Epinephrine Containing Local

Author(s): Mohammed Majid Abdulmunem, Noor Mohammed Al-Noori* and Noor Sahban Ibraheem


Background: Local anesthesia with epinephrine became extensively used in the dental clinic to stop pain during treatment. This clinical prospective study was aimed to explore the effect of local anesthesia with epinephrine on the patient's systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and pulse rate before dental extraction procedure. Materials and methods: Sixty-four healthy patients enrolled in this study (33 females and 31 males). The patients were attending the clinic for dental extraction. An automated blood pressure measuring device (beurer, German) was used to measure the blood pressure and pulse rate at two time points (before treatment and 5 minutes after local anesthesia injection). The statistical tests that applied by using "Statistical Package for Social Sciences program (SPSS version 18)" were: Mean, median, range, paired sample t test and independent sample t test. The level of significance tested as probability value (p-value): Not Significant (P>0.05), Significant (P<0.05). Results: Statistical analysis showed non-significant changes (P>0.05) observed in the means of systolic blood pressure (119.09 ± 11.96mm/hg) to (120.87 ± 15.11mm/hg) and diastolic blood pressure (75.98 ± 10.18mm/hg) to (76.60 ± 9.57mm/hg). Significantly increase in the pulse rate (P<0.05) from (87.57 ± 9.37mm/hg) to (89.51 ± 9.67mm/hg), with the changes more obvious in females. Type of injection (infiltration/block), and the patient's age showed no significant effect. Conclusion: In accordance with the number of the applied data, this study does not detect obvious influence on the systolic blood pressure, and diastolic blood pressure of healthy patients after local anesthesia administration. On the other hand, the local anesthesia administration has a pronounced effect upon the patient’s pulse rate.

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