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Immediate Implant Placement in Fresh Extraction Socket With Xenograft and Platelet Rich Fibrin-A Case Report

Author(s): Koyel Bhowal*, Samiran Ghosh and Soumitra Ghosh


Immediate implantation has provided the opportunity to achieve better and faster functional results. The placement of implant immediately not only prevents the collapse of the socket by reducing the crestal bone loss, but also enhances the soft tissue esthetics. A variety of regenerative techniques using combinations of bone grafts and barrier membranes have been suggested promoting bone regeneration in localized defects at implants placed into extraction sockets. Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) possesses an inherent property to accelerate soft and hard tissue healing. It has several advantages which include ease of preparation/application, minimal expense, and lack of biochemical modification. Recently, a combination between bone graft materials and Platelet-Rich- Fibrin (PRF) is implemented in the implantology. In this article, a case report has been elaborated where a healthy patient with 18 years old having fractured maxillary anterior tooth. Following extraction of tooth dental implant was placed within extraction socket and labially placed xenograft and platelet rich fibrin along with barrier membrane. The aim of this case report was to assess the possibility for augmentation of the alveolar ridge in the frontal region of the upper jaw, utilizing a combination of bone graft material, mainly xenograft and platelet rich fibrin.

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