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Immunohistochemical Comparison of Peripheral and Central Giant Cell Granuloma Using Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 (Mmp-9)

Author(s): Ghada Mohammed Mohmod* and Layla Sabri Yas


Introduction: Giant cell granulomas are confusing oral lesions distinguished by an unusual combination of mononuclear and multinucleated giant cells in fibroblastic vascularized background. Although central and peripheral giant cell lesions have the same histological features, their biological behavior was different. The objective the current study was aimed to assess a MMP-9 Immunoexpression in PGCG and CGCG, as well as the correlation between MMP-9 expression and their clinical behavior. Materials and Methods: thirty sample diagnosed as CGCG and PGCG were retrieved from the Pathology Laboratory at the College of the Dentistry/ University of Baghdad. The Immunohistochemical method was used to examine the expression of MMP-9 in CGCG and PGCG. Results: Matrix metalloproteinases-9 immunoreactivity was greater in the mononuclear cells of CGCL compared to PGCL. were similar in multinuclear giant cells of PGCL and CGCL. Conclusions: Matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) expression was higher in CGCG than in PGCG, suggesting the variations in the clinical behavior related to protease overexpression.

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