Improvement of Organizational and Technological Solutions for the Construction of Sports Facilities to form a Vector of the Nation's Health Rehabilitation | Abstract

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Improvement of Organizational and Technological Solutions for the Construction of Sports Facilities to form a Vector of the Nation's Health Rehabilitation

Author(s): Pavel Oleinik* and Alexandra Zheltaya


The construction of sports facilities is of particular interest. In connection with the tendency for the development of highperformance sports and an increase in the availability of mass amateur sports, a significant number of facilities of the corresponding functional purpose have been built recently: ski slopes, stadiums, bicycle paths, reservoirs. Large-span stadiums with their complex and architecturally expressive forms occupy a special place in this nomenclature. For the construction of these structural systems, the most modern and effective technological solutions should be used. Modern sports facilities are being built according to complex projects, engineers are trying to develop the most comfortable conditions for sports, to make not only a functional building to optimize training processes, but also architecturally beautiful and unique. However, in a number of projects, the organizational and technological solution is developed individually, because the regulatory and technical base does not have the necessary data, in particular, the time rate for the processes for the construction of the pavement that require experimental technical regulation. In the article, the authors analyzed the experience of the Russian Federation and some foreign countries in the alternative organizational and technological design of the technology for the construction of sports facilities coverings. As a result of the study, a block diagram of the design of a work plan for the high-speed construction of a sports facility was formed, considering the decomposition of these works according to the degree of their typification relative to the standards of technical regulation. These developments allow improving the methods of organizational and technological design, considering the introduction of algorithms for the design process of organizational and technological solutions to optimize the development of options for the construction of large-span objects, including based on experimental data and statistics of the construction of similar structural elements. Acceleration of the development of such solutions can significantly reduce the risks of disruptions in the construction of objects of state programs for the rehabilitation of the nation, including the construction of various sports facilities in their schedule to optimize the training processes of elite sports.

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