Incidence, Diagnosis and Treatment of Brain Tumours | 80561

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Incidence, Diagnosis and Treatment of Brain Tumours

Author(s): Buthayna G Elshaikh*, Hiba Omer, MEM Garelnabi, Abdelmoneim Sulieman, Nawader Abdella, Sahar Algadi and Hind Toufig


This review article studies extensively brain tumours. Brain tumors are among the leading causes of death. Here we introduce the different types and grades of brain tumor, their causes, symptoms and worldwide distribution. The article also discusses the different diagnostic facilities starting from those that do not require radiation diagnostic imaging facilities such as testing physical and cognitive performance, electrical activities, chemical testing, and ultrasound. We then present diagnostic imaging for brain tumor including x-ray, CT scans, MRI and nuclear medicine imaging. Biopsy, which usually follows these exams, is also explained. It then furthers into explaining therapy of brain tumor for example, surgery, radiotherapy, radiosurgery, alternating electric field therapy and laser interstitial thermal therapy. Medicinal treatment, targeted therapy and immunotherapy are also briefly explained. Finally, examples for multi-modality or hybrid therapies are given.

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