Incidental Findings in Orthodontic Patients Studied Using Tw | 63523

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Incidental Findings in Orthodontic Patients Studied Using Two Dimensional Images

Author(s): Indra G and Maragathavalli G*


Aim: This study aims to analyze the pre-treatment and post-treatment incidental findings that can be elicited through orthopantomogram in individuals who underwent orthodontic treatment. Materials and method: A total of 155 patients who attended the orthodontics clinic between May 2016 and December 2019 at Saveetha Dental College and Hospital were taken in the study. Two researchers from the same institution were involved in the study. Participants were selected randomly in order to overcome any bias. Results: The result of the study reveals all the subjects involved had at least a minimal change post orthodontic treatment. Of which, the pulpal anomalies (53.5%) were commonly seen in number. Conclusion: The examiners observed changes on comparing the two sets of panoramic radiographs of the patients and concluded that it is fundamental for a dentist to rule out the current changes. Clinicians should be knowledgeable to appreciate the evident changes.

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