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Infected Dermoid Cyst at the Nasion Extending on to the Right Upper Eye Lid: A Case Report

Author(s): Ashish Shukla*, Chandrashekhar C Mahakalkar, Meenakshi Yeola Pate, Shivani Kshirsagar and Abhishek Chaudhari


Objective: Dermoid cyst are are benign neoplasia having a mixed origin, i.e., ectodermal as well as mesodermal. These neoplasia are often observed during birth. However, it has a varying age of presentation. The most frequently reported locations are nasal, periorbita, submental, and supra-sternal section.

Case report: Our article presents a case of a 2 years old female patient who reported to the OPD with a sinus over the nose below nasion and swelling in right upper eye lid since 1 month. The history was obtained from the patient's mother who described that there was a swelling over the nose below the nasion, which had a bursting 5 days back leading to pus discharge. Later, there was a formation of another swelling in the right upper eye lid.

Conclusion: Neoplasms known as dermoid cysts are regularly encountered in children. The most often damaged part is the orbit, along the head and neck region. Nasofrontal dermoid sinus cysts develop when an initial embryological link amid an outpouching of dura and nasal tissue is not obliterated. The major goal of surgery should be total resection.

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