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Knowledge Awareness and Perception on the Addiction to Movies among Urban Teenagers: A Survey

Author(s): Subaraman M, Gayathri R*, V Vishnu Priya and S Kavitha


Recent years, a variety of scientific studies have provided data on the prevalence of movies and theater addiction among different age groups. Addiction is once”s psychological and physiological inability to stop consuming a chemical, drug or activity. Some teenagers are addicted to watching movies, video games, Internet etc. Addiction to internet has been associated with indicators of social isolation and remarkably a measure of depression. In day to day life, the internet has become a most important part of daily life for most teenagers. They mainly need it for education, information searching, entertainment, mail and social interaction purposes. But moreover, extensive use of internet can lead to addiction. Addiction to internet has been consistently reported to result in dangerous outcomes including internet gambling, misuse of social media, and a host of other internet-related problems that can often result in depression, suicides, and death. A questionnaire was designed online in a Google docs with questions related to the awareness on movie addiction. The study population included was the dental students. Survey results were analysed statistically. The survey response collected and the data was analysed. From the survey, it is very much evident that, urban students have adequate awareness on movie addiction and its side effects. This survey concluded that teenagers are aware of movie addiction.

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