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Management of Intrusive Luxation of Traumatised Permanent Tooth a Decision Tree Analysis

Author(s): Krisha Doshi, Ajitha P and Raghu Sandhya*


Traumatic intrusion of permanent teeth is a relatively rare but serious dental injury. Various treatment approaches have been suggested so far, regarding management of intrusive luxation. These include an interdisciplinary approach of surgical, orthodontic and endodontic approaches. However, developments of complications such as pulp necrosis, inflammatory root desorption, replacements desorption, and ankylosis and bone loss plays an important role in selection of the treatment modality. Numerous other factors need to be considered before making a decision regarding the treatment of intruded permanent teeth. These include the age of the patient, the maturity of the tooth, the severity of intrusion, etc. the best treatment approach is the one with the least possible complications. This article aims at reviewing the existing treatment modalities and treatment approaches of intrusive luxation and formulates a decision tree after taking into consideration experimental and clinical study findings and observations from other authors.

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