Management of Isolated Nasal Bone Fracture and Pretraumatic | 89097

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Management of Isolated Nasal Bone Fracture and Pretraumatic Dentoalveolar Condition

Author(s): Karthik Shunmugavelu* and Kumaravel Subramaniam


The most important bone in the facial region to be involved in trauma is the nasal bone, constituting 40%. Pre and post traumatic analysis play a major role in the esthetics and functional demands. Here, we present a case reported with nasal bone fracture and dentoalveolar trauma. The treatment plan included closed reduction of fractured nasal bone under general anaesthesia and endodontic therapy followed by prosthodontic rehabilitation of discoloured maxillary central incisors. The main purpose of the article is to emphasise the importance of immediate and proper plan and execution of well-defined treatment methods in order to obtain significant esthetics and function considering the patient age, nature of the condition and socioeconomic status.

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