Maxillary soft tissue lesions (An analysis of 348 cases) | Abstract

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Maxillary soft tissue lesions (An analysis of 348 cases)

Author(s): Shahad Abbas Waheed* and Taghreed F. Zaidan


Background: oral cavity soft tissue lesions represent a wide range of entities with the majority of them being reactive in nature. This study aims to describe the clinicopathological features and prevalence of different soft tissue lesions that affect the upper jaw. Materials and methods: data for this study was collected from the histopathology files for patients with a diagnosis of soft tissue lesions affecting the maxilla from 2010 to 2020. Data were collected with respect to gender, age, origin, and site. Result: 348 cases were identified. 260 cases were non neoplastic, of which reactive conditions were the most common disease subcategory 216 (83%) and pyogenic granuloma (110, 42.3%) followed by peripheral giant cell granuloma (45, 17.3%) were the most common diagnose. 88 cases were neoplasms, most cases were malignant in nature 48 (54.5%) and the most common diagnosis was squamous cell carcinoma (38, 43.2%) while the most common benign tumors were giant cell fibroma (9, 10.2%) and neurofibroma (9, 10.2%). Conclusion: the demographic characteristics of soft tissue lesions in maxilla are similar to that seen in other parts of oral cavity; reactive conditions are the most common lesions and squamous cell carcinoma is the most common malignancy. True mesenchymal tumors are generally rare in oral cavity however they showed equal frequency to epithelial tumors in maxilla which pose a challenge and require careful assessment when approaching the diagnosis in this location.

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