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Modified Coronally Advanced Flap with Platelet Rich Fibrin as a Scaffold for Periodontal Regeneration in Gingival Recession: A Case Report

Author(s): Kumar Chandan Srivastava*


Irrespective of age, gingival recession is a common periodontal problem witnessed worldwide. Varied factors like malocclusion and improper tooth brushing technique can predispose gingival recession. Root exposure has deleterious outcomes like dentinal hypersensitivity, root caries and unaesthetic appearance. Numerous surgical interventions are advocated for its treatment, with the fundamental aim of periodontal regeneration. Modified coronally advanced flap with platelet rich fibrin is preferred over the available treatment modalities. It outscores other approaches, as platelet rich fibrin is an autologous fibrin gel harbouring growth factors which facilitate healing in the treated site with bone and soft tissue regeneration. The current report portrays a case of Miller’s Class I gingival recession which was successfully treated with platelet rich fibrin along with coronally advanced flap.

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