Morphometry and Histogenesis of Human Fetal Suprarenal Gland | 83072

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Morphometry and Histogenesis of Human Fetal Suprarenal Gland in Different Gestational Age Groups

Author(s): S Sathiya*


During the fetal life there is a remarkable increase in the size of the suprarenal glands mainly due to the presence of a well-developed fetal zone, which involutes after birth. This zone comprises about 80% of the fetal suprarenal cortex at term In this study the different morphological and histological variations of the suprarenal gland in I, II, III trimesters were analysed. The size of the suprarenal gland plays a major role in its functional activity and indirectly evaluates the wellbeing of the fetal health and development. Thus the present study may be useful for clinicians especially in understanding the normal pattern of suprarenal development in fetal period and also to delineate any abnormal developmental problems. The results obtained from this study will be beneficial in understanding the development of suprarenal glands and also contribute to future studies in obstetrics, perinatology, and fetopathology and in radio diagnosis.

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