Morphometry and Histogenesis of Human Fetal Thymus in Differ | 82831

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Morphometry and Histogenesis of Human Fetal Thymus in Different Gestational Age Groups

Author(s): Prabavathy G*


It was observed that, in one of the cases of 281, the upper pole of the gland appeared as an elongated extension into the root of neck up to the lower border of the thyroid gland and the presence of the lymphocytes from 9th week onwards. formation of lobules had started at 9tli week and distinct formation of lobules were observed at 12th week. Differentiation of the cortex and the medulla became well distinguished from 14th week onwards. the presence of Hassall’s Corpuscles was observed from 14th week and was present in all sections from 15th week onwards and increased in number, size, and maturity with the increase in the gestational age.

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