Orthodontic Malocclusion in Saudi Arabia and its Treatment needs: A Literature Review | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Orthodontic Malocclusion in Saudi Arabia and its Treatment needs: A Literature Review

Author(s): Nasir AlHamlan, Lujain Ahmad Alghrairy*, Waad Eidhah Alsaadi, Saud Ahmad Aleidy, Malik Hatim Alotaibi and Ali Hussain Alrizqi


Background: Malocclusion features the third highest prevalence among oral pathologies, second to tooth decay and periodontal disease and therefore rank third among worldwide dental public health priorities. Objectives: To analyze orthodontic malocclusion in Saudi Arabia and its components including Angle classification, facial profiles, overbite, overjet, crossbite, scissor bite, crowding, spacing, and treatment needs. Methods: The methods which were used for this review were to search in PubMed database, using specific words "Malocclusion; Angle classification; Facial profiles; Overbite; Overjet; Crossbite; Scissor bite; Crowding; Spacing; Treatment needs; and Saudi Arabia”. Results: Angle’s classifications were reviewed showing Class I angle’s malocclusion to be the most common type of malocclusion. Facial profiles were investigated which presented straight facial profile to be the most common type of facial profile. Overbite and overjet were revised in literature concluding the norms and abnormalities, which showed different results. Crossbite and Scissor bite were studied identifying their prevalence, which presented variable findings. Crowding and spacing were reviewed recognizing their commonness, which disclosed their high prevalence and impact. Lastly, treatment needs were investigated which presented severe or extreme need to be the most prevalent category in relevance to orthodontic treatment needs. Conclusion: In Saudi Arabia, orthodontic malocclusion and its components were well-discussed in literature. Malocclusion showed high prevalence and impact on Saudi population.

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