Nasir AlHamlan

King Abdulaziz Medical City National Guard, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia


  • Review   
    Orthodontic Malocclusion in Saudi Arabia and its Treatment needs: A Literature Review
    Author(s): Nasir AlHamlan, Lujain Ahmad Alghrairy*, Waad Eidhah Alsaadi, Saud Ahmad Aleidy, Malik Hatim Alotaibi and Ali Hussain Alrizqi

    Background: Malocclusion features the third highest prevalence among oral pathologies, second to tooth decay and periodontal disease and therefore rank third among worldwide dental public health priorities. Objectives: To analyze orthodontic malocclusion in Saudi Arabia and its components including Angle classification, facial profiles, overbite, overjet, crossbite, scissor bite, crowding, spacing, and treatment needs. Methods: The methods which were used for this review were to search in PubMed database, using specific words "Malocclusion; Angle classification; Facial profiles; Overbite; Overjet; Crossbite; Scissor bite; Crowding; Spacing; Treatment needs; and Saudi Arabia”. Results: Angle’s classifications were reviewed showing Class I angle’s malocclusion to be the most common type of malocclusion. Facial profiles were investigated which presented straight fa.. Read More»

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