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Parents View Regarding Various Influencing Factors on Child Behavior in the Dental Clinic

Author(s): Prerna Jain and Deepa Gurunathan*


Paediatric dentists promote the dental health status of children and also provide health educational information and knowledge for parents. Parents’ oral health knowledge and good care practices are important in preventing premature loss of primary teeth and can effectively reduce the risk of future decay in permanent teeth. A cross-sectional study was conducted among parents who bring their children to dental clinics in Saveetha Dental College and Hospitals, Chennai. Parents completed a close-ended questionnaire within the treatment hours (72 parents). The questionnaire is divided into 4 separate categories. The questionnaire assessed parental views on the following 4parameters: dentist, dental clinical settings, dental treatments and child related factors. The data collected will be analyzed using descriptive statistics. This study shows that there are various influencing factors which drive a child to the dental clinic. Toothache accounts for 54% of the reasons a child visits the dental clinic. 51% of the children underwent restorative (filling) procedures, as we know that saving a tooth is more important than the removal of the tooth from the oral cavity. The most important aspect which is required for the success of a paediatric dentist is dependent not only on the technique applied and the skills but most importantly on the child and their parents. Thus, we would like to conclude that perception of parents among dental treatment plays the most significant role in a child's behaviour in the dental clinic.

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