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Pattern of Renal Disease in the Elderly Biopsy Based Data from a Single Center in Kurdistan Region-Iraq: A 7-Year Retrospective Study

Author(s): Kawa Hussein Amin*


Background: Data on biopsy-proven renal disease in the elderly is extremely rare in Kurdistan-Iraq, since there are no studies being conducted. This will be the first attempt to analyze patients ≥ 60 years) in the region.

Objective: To evaluate the histo-pathological spectrum of renal disease in elderly patients.

Materials and Methods: Records of all elderly patients ≥ 60 years) who had undergone renal biopsy in the (Shorsh General Hospital) during 7 year period, between January 2010 and December 2016 were collected and retrospectively analysed.

Results: In total, 1914 patients underwent renal biopsy during this period of which 135 cases were elderly. Their mean age was (67.2 ± 6.3 years), they were predominantly males 68.1% and 31.9% were females. The most frequent clinical presentations prior to renal biopsy or indications were; proteinuria, renal impairment and hypertension. Majority of the biopsies showed some form of Glomerular diseases (82.3%) either Primary glomerular disease (51.9%) or Secondary glomerular disease (30.4%) followed by Miscellaneous (9.6%) and Tubulo-intersitial nephropathies (6.7%). The most common primary glomerular disease was Focal-segmental glomerulosclerosis (40.0%) followed by Membranous nephropathy (25.7%), Crescentic glomerulonephritis (12.9%). Among the Secondary glomerular disease, Hypertensive nephrosclerosis formed the commonest diagnosis (68.3%), followed by Amyloidosis (24.4%) and Diabetic nephropathy (4.9%).

Conclusion: In conclusion, this study demonstrates that Primary glomerular disease is the most prevalent with Focalsegmental glomerulosclerosis, Membranous nephropathy and Crescentic glomerulonephritis being the most frequent diagnosis. Among the Secondary glomerular disease Hypertensive nephrosclerosis was the commonest followed by Amyloidosis and Diabetic nephropathy? Renal biopsy in very elderly cases is a valuable diagnostic way that could be offered in clinical settings with maximal potential benefit.

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