Kawa Hussein Amin

Department of Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Sulaimani, Iraq


  • Research   
    Pattern of Renal Disease in the Elderly Biopsy Based Data from a Single Center in Kurdistan Region-Iraq: A 7-Year Retrospective Study
    Author(s): Kawa Hussein Amin*

    Background: Data on biopsy-proven renal disease in the elderly is extremely rare in Kurdistan-Iraq, since there are no studies being conducted. This will be the first attempt to analyze patients ≥ 60 years) in the region. Objective: To evaluate the histo-pathological spectrum of renal disease in elderly patients. Materials and Methods: Records of all elderly patients ≥ 60 years) who had undergone renal biopsy in the (Shorsh General Hospital) during 7 year period, between January 2010 and December 2016 were collected and retrospectively analysed. Results: In total, 1914 patients underwent renal biopsy during this period of which 135 cases were elderly. Their mean age was (67.2 ± 6.3 years), they were predominantly males 68.1% and 31.9% were females. The most frequent clinical .. Read More»

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