Peak Expiratory Flow Profile among Healthy Adult Individuals in Central Kerala- A Cross-sectional Observational Study | Abstract

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Peak Expiratory Flow Profile among Healthy Adult Individuals in Central Kerala- A Cross-sectional Observational Study

Author(s): Jebu A Thomas, Sethu Babu*, Suresh S David, Krishna Prasad G, Arjun James*, Anoop James George and Jeny Augustine


Introduction: Lung function reference value is dependent on several factors such as age, gender, ethnicity, environmental conditions as well as the altitude of their dwelling habitat. Therefore, optimizing the reference values of Peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) to suit different population groups is important to establish the normal range. The present study was conducted to determine the normal reference range of PEFR using a validated Peak flow meter among healthy adult individuals of Central Kerala and to derive regression equations for predicting normal PEFR in this population. Materials and methods: Individuals between the age of 15 and 69 years were initially screened with a pre-designed questionnaire that included health and demographic parameters. Only those individuals who were found to be in good health status were recruited for the study. PEFR was measured using a Peak Flow Meter having a European Union scale and Height was measured using a standard wall mount stadiometer. The regression equations for predicting normal PEFR were calculated from the observed values using multiple regression analysis. Results: A total of 1276 volunteers were included in the study as per the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The PEFR value had a strong association with age, gender, and height. It was observed that there was a linear relationship between height and PEFR in both males and females. The reference equations incorporating age and height in both the genders were as follows: PEFR in males=41.05 - (3.5 x Age)+(333.7 × Height in cm) PEFR in females=-213.8 - (1.3 x Age)+(430.3 × Height in cm) Conclusion: In this study, by using a validated peak flow meter, we derived the regression equations to predict the normal PEFR in the adult population in Central Kerala.

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