Peripheral Giant Cell Granuloma: A Case Report | 44041

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Peripheral Giant Cell Granuloma: A Case Report

Author(s): Prathusha Subramanian, Darimeka Kharbuli and Swarga Jyoti Das*


Peripheral giant cell granuloma appears as a solitary purplish-red nodule, having vascular or hemorrhagic appearance, with or without surface ulceration. It may be a sessile or pedunculated lesion on the gingiva or the alveolar crest, common in relation to incisors and first molars. It occurs in response to local irritation from the connective tissue of the gingiva, periodontal ligament or periosteum of the alveolar ridge and may occur in periimplant tissues and edentulous arches. They are more common in females than males, more frequently seen in mandible than maxilla. Their growth potential is very high, and may penetrate interdentally to involve the adjacent cortical bone. An accurate diagnosis based on the histological observation is vital for its management. Considering its rapid and penetrating nature of its growth, surgical excision including its base is recommended to prevent the recurrence.

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