Peripheral Osteoma of the Mandible a Report of Two Cases and | 58173

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Peripheral Osteoma of the Mandible a Report of Two Cases and Review of Literature

Author(s): Jawahar Anand*, Anil Kumar Desai and Sayali Desai


Osteoma is a benign osteogenic tumour, commonly involving the craniofacial bones. It is characterized by excessive proliferation of cortical or cancellous bone. It can be of the central, peripheral or extraskeletal variety. Peripheral osteoma arises from the periosteum and is usually asymptomatic, however, can attain large size in the involved bone. In this paper, we report two cases of peripheral osteoma and review the literature related to the pathological condition. Two patients reported with a chief complaint of asymptomatic slow-growing swelling over the mandibular body region. Radiographic examination revealed a lobulated pedunculated radiopaque mass. It was excised surgically, and no recurrence was noted on follow-up visits. Osteoma involving the jaws is not common and can be associated with Gardner’s syndrome thereby requiring regular follow-up and thorough examination. Surgical excision is the treatment of choice and recurrence is rare.

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