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Pit and Fissure Sealants

Author(s): Yukta N Umalkar*, Nikhil Mankar, Rutuja Rajnekar and Seema Sathe


Carious infections of the teeth are considered a major worldwide concern, resulting in significant health, safety, and quality-of-life issues for those patients who suffer from these infections. Routine oral hygiene along with fluoride use helps prevent dental caries. Another prophylactic measure against decay taken with packing the pits and fissures of tooth that tends to get caries. This article's main objective is to present a general overview of packing of grooves, as well as implications and side effects of the materials generally used to seal occlusal surfaces. Furthermore, this article reviews pit and fissure sealants as protective way for caries and also a review in their safe, effective use and cost effectiveness. Based on the findings, our conclusion is that sealing cavities is a productive and appropriate way for stopping and arresting dental caries in mixed and adult teeth. To ensure that there is no advanced tooth decay caused by sealing leakage, a regular dental check-up is necessary.

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