Plummer Vinson Syndrome-A Case Report | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Plummer Vinson Syndrome-A Case Report

Author(s): Mohan Kumar J* and MK Rajasekar


Plummer Vinson Syndrome (PVS) is a rare entity characterized by upper oesophageal webs and iron deficiency anaemia. Plummer Vinson Syndrome (PVS) also named as Patterson brown kelly syndrome is a combined presentation of three things dysphagia, iron deficiency anaemia and oesophageal webs, seen more often in middle aged females. We report a case of 65 years old female presented with chief complaints of dysphagia for more than 2 years, more for solid diet than liquid diet and also with complaints of dyspnoea on exertion and weight loss. On routine blood investigations she was found to be severe anaemic. Upper GI endoscopy revealed oesophageal web. Dilatation of oesophageal web was done, anaemia was corrected. Patient is on regular follow up with marked improvement in terms of weight gain and increased functional capacity.

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