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Prevalence Study of Squamous Cell Carcinoma in the Tongue

Author(s): Abulqassim Raheem Daham* and Layla Sabri Yas


SCC of the tongue accounts for 20-25% of all malignant oral carcinomas. It typically affects older men in their 50-90s. Patients typically present with painless indurated or ulcerated lesions in the lateral aspect of anterior two thirds of tongue. Known etiologies include tobacco use, alcohol, and exposure to UV light. Other etiologies include trauma, nutritional deficiency, syphilis, and/or poor oral hygiene. SCC of the tongue initially metastasizes to the ipsilateral subdigastric lymph nodes. Aim: The aim was to determine the frequency and distribution of oral squamous cell carcinoma (OTSCC) involving tongue among patients by studying biopsy specimens during the period (2008-2020) years. Results: Of total cases of the tongue lesion (1451), 999 cases of squamous cell carcinoma in tongue region, The patient were affected over a wide range of 9–98 years with mean age of (54.98)years .The most age group effected (448, 44.80 %) in (60+). (514, 51.45 %) of male gender and (485, 48.55%) of female gender. The ratio of male to female is (1.05:1). Lateral border of the tongue was most commonly involved (451, 45.1%), followed by base of tongue and dorsal surface of tongue. Histopathological Grading, grade II (47.9%) had the highest percentage of the total number of cases (999) while grade IV were reported with the lowest percentage (3.1%). Baghdad governorate preponderance for the other governorates (646). 2020 year is the lowest value (28) cases as compared to the other years.

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