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Qualitative Assessment on Isolated Tartar Forming Bacteria from Dental Caries by Pattern of Screening, Assembling and Antibiotic Sensitivity

Author(s): Avra Pratim Chowdhury*, Raunak Raj Singh, Bhriganka Bharadwaj, Moni P Bhuyana and Swarga Jyoti


Dental carries is a complex mixture of saliva containing bacteria which regulates oral health. Studies are subjected for determining low in caries active persons. But most investigators have been unable to confirm this finding. Here researcher wants to find out the interplay of other factors including proteins and enzymes. Thus levels and state of calcium and phosphorous in saliva may be an indicator of susceptibility to dental caries. Thus the current study is determined on the levels of salivary constituents in caries group and caries free group. As a research protocols the assembling bacterial isolation and identification assess their relationship with prevalence of dental caries.

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