Review on Impact of Diabetes Mellitus on COVID-19 Mortality | 92965

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Review on Impact of Diabetes Mellitus on COVID-19 Mortality and Severity

Author(s): Shiv Joshi* and Shubhangi Shreysee


COVID-19 Infection also called as coronavirus disease is a newly discovered surging viral illness which is caused due to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2. Wuhan, China found its 1st case in December 2019. Since then, the disease has expanded across the world, which resulted into a pandemic that lead to the strain being kept on putting on global systems for health care across. Diabetes mellitus patients are a group that has been significantly affected by the epidemic. We performed a search on the online database PubMed to identify the relevant articles based on our eligibility criteria. There were a total of 18 papers, all of which identified the relation of diabetes mellitus with COVID-19 severity or mortality or both. Hence all of these studies were included. The aim of the research is to use this narrative review to summarise the data and evidence about Diabetes Mellitus and related COVID-19 mortality and severity.

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