Role of Uric Acid as a Risk Factor in Metabolic Syndrome | 78766

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Role of Uric Acid as a Risk Factor in Metabolic Syndrome

Author(s): K Gunanithi and AJ Manjula Devi*


To evaluate the role of serum uric acid as a risk factor in diabetic metabolic syndrome. determine the level of serum uric acid in patients with diabetic metabolic syndrome. To compare the level of serum unc acid between patients with diabetic metabolic syndrome and normal healthy subjects and to find their significance of association and correlate the association of serum unc acid with various laboratory components of metabolic syndrome like fasting plasma glucose, post prandial plasma glucose, fasting serum triglycerides, fasting serum total cholesterol, fasting serum LDL cholesterol, fasting serum HDL cholesterol and fasting serum VLDL cholesterol.

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