Study of Below the Knee BTK Intervention at Medical City Hospital 2018 to 2020 | Abstract

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Study of Below the Knee BTK Intervention at Medical City Hospital 2018 to 2020

Author(s): Ahmed Abdulsalam Khaleel, Abdulameer Mohsin Hussein* and Sabah N Jaber


Objective: To analyze the risk factors and to evaluate the technical outcome of patients who underwent endovascular treatment for below the knee arteries.

Methods: Retrospective descriptive study with analytic component. We had researched from 2018 to 2020 in the Endovascular Surgical Department at Medical City Hospital (Baghdad/ Iraq). It included 70 patients having BTK arterial disease and treated by endovascular intervention during 2018-2020. The cases were reviewed by using TASC classification. Clinical examination and ABI calculations were performed for the patients. Then under the local anesthesia either antegrade or retrograde approach by means of sheath, wire, catheter and self- expandable balloon were used.

Results: In this study, the results of intervention (Category B) were good in 64% of patients. Prevalence of poor results of intervention were mainly noticed in patients with more than two risk factors and in patients with severe disease. Regarding complication of intervention, 22% of patients were developed complication and the most common complication was amputation (8%).

Conclusions: The endovascular treatment of atrial disease of the lower limbs is a safe, effective and less invasive method with short hospital stays and fast recovery of the patients. Short-term results show a good success rate.

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