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Study of COVID-19 Virus Causing Deaths in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Author(s): B Uma Maheswara Reddy*, Swarupa Chakole and Ashok Mehendale


Coronavirus disease 2019 presents as an asymptomatic infection to severe pneumonia and respiratory failure. There is higher mortality in old age patients who are suffering from the chronic illness like hypertension, diabetes mellitus or cardiovascular diseases. When compared to the normal population, the CKD patients have been reported higher mortality due to alteration in immune system and immune suppression they are predisposed to infectious complications like COVID-19.

Chronic kidney disease patients have shown the increased higher incidence of COVID-19 and increased mortality CKD is relevant comorbidity been correlated with increased mortality when compared to the normal population. Holistic support is given to the CKD patients by the caregivers and family members whom helps in reducing the psychological impact caused due to hemodialysis. SARS-CoV-2 infection can cause mainly affects respiratory system, but it also affects other body organs where most of the complications occur due to damage to the kidney as a complication but it’s difficult to identify as its clinical manifestations are highly variable. So the patients who ever require dialysis have been considered as high risk group. In the presence of viremia, the organs like kidney, ileum and heart might be affected by SARSCoV-2. The main target of SARS-CoV-2 are ACE receptors other than respiratory cells they are also expressed on the proximal tubular epithelial cells, glomerular mesangial cells and podocytes and another target is CD147 expressed on the basolateral membrane proximal and distal tubular cells. Due to systemic inflammation and acquired immunosuppression results in alteration of immune system. There is phagocytic dysfunction of B cells and T cells and decreased neutrophil function seen in pre dialysis and dialysis patients. In this retrospective study we aim to study the cause of death among chronic kidney disease patients associated with COVID-19.

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