Study of Diastolic Function of Heart by Echocardiogram in Se | 77201

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Study of Diastolic Function of Heart by Echocardiogram in Sepsis

Author(s): Srikar Samir Nandan Siddamsetty and Palaniandavar*


The aim of the present study is to evaluate diastolic heart function by two-dimensional echocardiography in patients hospitalized in intensive care unit with severe sepsis. In the present study 41 patients who presented with features of sepsis were evaluated for cardiac function to assess for the presence of diastolic dysfunction. The study population comprised of 22 males and 19 females. Most of the patients were hemodynamically stable with mean SBP/DBP being 125.8/78.35 mmHg. Almost all the patients had tachycardia a·- presentation (mean heart rate 107.6 (±2.8) bpm. All the subjects were evaluated by a1i erial blood gas analysis. 28 (68%) patients had significant metabolic acidosis. In this preliminary study we demonstrated that diastolic dysfunction is a significant early development in the presence of sepsis. It is probably an earlier marker of cardiac involvement due to sepsis prior to development of systolic dysfunction.

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