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Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Study of Maternal and Neonatal Outcome in High Risk Pregnancy

Author(s): R Krishnaveni and K Saraswathi*


In this study pregnancy outcome in 99 high risk Antenatal cases were studied. 83.8 belonged to low socioeconomic status in our study. 37.1 % of the high risk was from urban background. In the study group, there were 46.4% primigravidae, 53.6% multigravida. 93.9% had longitudinal lie. Most common associated medical disorder in the study was anaemia with 61.6% with other medical disorders counting to be 38.4 %. In total anaemic cases 48.5% cases were mild anaemic. It was concluded that about 10 % of all pregnancies were high risk. With modem maternal and neonatal monitoring facilities, it was possible to identify the high risk pregnancies and manage them. The babies of 10% cases in the study group had poor perinatal outcome. There was no maternal mortality.

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