The Use of Biological Agents in External Sinus Lifting Proce | 82324

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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The Use of Biological Agents in External Sinus Lifting Procedures: A Systematic Review

Author(s): Razan Alaqeely* and Najla AlMuayli


Background: Biological agents are growth factors that aid in bone regeneration and increase healing potential. They are used to compensate for the shortcomings associated with bone grafts. Aim: The aim of this systematic analysis was to assess the effects of combining different biological agents with different types of bone grafts in lateral maxillary sinus lifting. The assessment considers newly formed bone, augmented bone height, soft tissue healing and post-operative complications. Methodology: Three electronic databases were searched, and manual searching was performed for relevant articles published before 2020. All relevant articles were independently screened for specific inclusion criteria. Primary outcomes were bone formation, soft tissue healing, and the percentage of remaining graft particles. Secondary outcomes were clinical findings and complications, survival, and success of implant. Result: Eight randomized clinical trials met the inclusion criteria. No statistically significant difference was found between different bone graft types. A borderline statistical difference was observed between Xenograft. Conclusion: There was no statistical or clinical difference between different biological agents that were combined with bone grafts when performing lateral sinus lifting procedures. The use of biological agents might be beneficial in short-term healing and in promoting bone regeneration.

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