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To Study the Association of Androgenetic Alopecia and Metabolic Syndromes in Male Population

Author(s): Asha D*


AGA was found to be common in 74% of patients in the age group of 30 years. In our study, most of the patients presented with a combination of Basic and Specific pattern. 66% of patients had M pattern, 52% had V pattern, 14% had U pattern, 14% had F pattern and 12% had C pattern The M pattern is found to be the commonest pattern and specifically the M 1 pattern with 28%. V 1 with 26% was the second most common pattern. U pattern was the commonest pattern with fasting blood sugar 2: 100 mg/dl (85.71%), followed by C pattern (83.33%), M pattern (69.70%), V pattern (69.23%) and F pattern (44.44%) 100% of U pattern AGA patients showed triglyceride values 2: 150 mg/dl, 66.67% in C pattern, 53.85% in V pattern, 51.52% in M pattern, and 33.33% in F pattern .results also confirms that AGA patients especially with U pattern are prone to developed insulin resistance.

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