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To Study the Relation Between PFT Abnormalities and Nasal Smear in General Population Residing in and Around Quarry in Zamin Pallavaram, Chennai

Author(s): Ilham Jaleel*


The percentage predicted value of FVC (74.58 ± 20.59) was lesser than the percentage predicted value of FEV1 (77.41 ± 21.17) indicating that the vital capacity f the lung was more affected. it is evident that all the spirometric variables except FEVl % (FEVl/FVC ratio) are decreased, i.e., they are less than 80%. Hence it can be seen that both FEV1 which indicates the large airways, and FEF 25-75% that indicates smaller airways are both affected in our study population. The fibroblast stimulation factors that are released, cause collagen deposition and hyalinization. Hence the final lesion is a hyaline nodule, which contains a central zone with free silica that is surrounded by fibroblasts and collagen. Hence, the silica particles, which are deposited cause irritation of the respiratory mucosa, hypertrophy of the sub mucosal glands and hyper secretion of mucus. The hyper secretion especially in the large airways 1s stimulated by the proteases released from the neutrophils. we can see that there is slight increase in the hemoglobin level in the people having obstructive lung disease though it may not be significant. it is evident that the total WBC count is not much altered in the affected groups when compared to people with normal pulmonary function, there is significant change in the lymphocyte % in the people with restriction.

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