Transcanal Endoscopic Atticotomy | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Transcanal Endoscopic Atticotomy

Author(s): Gopi ayyasami, Shwetha Shashikumar* and Muralidharan KR


Transcanal approach with endoscopic guidance is a useful technique for the treatment of cholesteatoma. During atticotomy, the attic is revealed and the opening is then extended to the antrum and mastoid cells. Atticotomy avoids unnecessary procedures, such as a wide (extended) mastoidectomy and provides better exposure of the sinus tympani, facial recess, and hypotympanum. It avoids the complications involved with Korner’s septum, an anterior sigmoid sinus, and a low-lying dura. In this we review the indications, techniques and present the advantages and disadvantages of this technique in detail.

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