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Ultrasound Imaging of Complications of Arterio Venous Fistula for Dialysis

Author(s): Harshini U and P Naveen*


50 patients underwent pr?-op?rativ? vascular mapping. Almost 58% of th? pati?nt had a pr? fistula ?valuation don? prior to the vascular access placement and about 21 pati?nt did not hav? a pr? fistula ?valuation performed and 16 patients making about 32% of th? total. It was found that 26 % of th? patients had an ov?rlap of both diabetes and hyp?rt?nsion. Access v?in st?nosis was not?d in about 22% of th? cas?s with AVF. Of th? total numb?r of pati?nts 21 pati?nts had a pr? fistula work up p?rform?d and 29 did not hav? on? p?rform?d. Tand?m l?sions apart from th? main st?notic l?sion w?r? obs?rv?d in 8 cas?s within the study population. Pulsatil? mass was obs?rv?d in 9 patients.

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