Vitamin C and E Down Regulates the Expression of C-JNK, IKKB, NF-kB in Adipose Tissue of PCB-Exposed Rats | Abstract

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Vitamin C and E Down Regulates the Expression of C-JNK, IKKB, NF-kB in Adipose Tissue of PCB-Exposed Rats

Author(s): Dev Arora, Gayathri R*, J Selvaraj, V Vishnu Priya and Kavitha S


Introduction: PCBs have an adverse effect on the environment and animals. They are present in paints, coolants, rubber based products, and plastic based products, transformers, capacitors. PCBs cause endocrine disruption, inhibit reproductive functions, and can increase oxidative stress which may lead to diabetes. Aim: To analyse if Vitamin C and Vitamin E helps in down-regulation of certain markers such as NF-kB, IKKB, c-JNK. Methods: For this study, adult male wistar rats weighing between 180-200g were obtained for further study. Animals were divided into three groups (Control, Test and Treatment group). Total RNA isolation followed by conversion of RNA to cDNA with the help of reverse transcriptase and the mRNA expression level was analysed in RT-PCR. The data was analysed statistically by one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) followed by Duncan’s multiple range test was used to see the statistical significance among the groups. The results with the p<0.05 level were considered to be statistically significant. Results: Vitamin C and E led to significant decrease in expression of C-JNK, IKKB and NF-kB in Adipose Tissue of PCB exposed rats when compared to control groups. On the mediation of IKKB and NF-kB; PCB induced group of male wistar rats showed significant increase and when treated with Vitamin C and E there was a significant decrease. Conclusion: Vitamin C and E have a prospective antioxidant and antidiabetic potential by regulating the levels of NF-kB, IKKB expression which is involved in the process of oxidative stress and inflammation.

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