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Yet another Proof on Promising Molecular Diagnosis Technique, Amniocentesis, a Bliss in Gestational Care

Author(s): Arasappan Sudhakar Roshni, Sanjana V, Brigida S*, Arul Amutha Elizabeth and Tanuja Lella


Introduction: The prospect of every pregnant mom is to have a new-born who is both physically and mentally hale and healthy. It is the burden of the medical fraternity to ensure the parents to build a promising future generation. Even though the awareness and knowledge about gestation care has been increasing, but with expanding environmental pollution, lifestyle changes and stress of various origin we encounter escalating cases of infertility, genetic abnormalities in foetus and gestation related complications. At the same time with evolutionary inventions in medical science, diagnosing and managing these conditions, are at ease and we can handle the situation better than before.

Materials and Methods: This is an observational study of a patient during the gestational tenure, until the fruitful result. The lady conceptus was evaluated periodically through different molecular screening.

Results: In this brief report, we will see how amniocentesis has played a vital role in completing the journey of gestation fruitfully and effectively. This brief report is about a patient with vanishing twin syndrome presumed to have a fetus with genetic abnormality.

Conclusion: Yet another proof of medical invention’s bliss is showcased here.

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