Abdullah Albassam

Department of Endodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


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    The Incidence of Dentinal Microcracks in Single-Rooted Teeth Using Reciproc, One Curve, and Vortex Blue Endodontic File Systems: An In Vitro Study
    Author(s): Farah Sindi, Abdullah Zahid, Faisal Alghamdi and Abdullah Albassam*

    Introduction: The occurrence of microcracks is rather frequent during the root canal preparation and increases with some endodontic file systems. We conducted this study because there have been few in vitro studies on the incidence of microcracks formation by using the stereomicroscope. This study aims to evaluate and compare the frequency and amount of microcracks formed after root canal preparation in non-surgical root canal treatment using three different types of endodontic file systems (Reciproc, One Curve, and Vortex Blue) using a stereomicroscope. Material and Methods: Forty human extracted teeth were collected and randomly assigned to five groups (n=8) as per the instrumentation protocol: group I: non-instrumented teeth (control); group II: hand K-files; group III: Reciproc; group IV: One Curve; and group V: Vortex Blue. Each group was then instrumented using the assigned file.. Read More»

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