Abdullah Jasim Mohammed

Department of Prosthetic Dentistry, College of Dentistry, Mosul University, Iraq


  • Review   
    The Effect of Nanoparticles Addition on the Physical Properties of the Maxillofacial Silicone: A Literature Review
    Author(s): Abdullah Jasim Mohammed* and Reem N Alirhayim

    Replacing missing parts in the maxillofacial area due to congenital or traumatic reasons, still of great interest of clinicians concerned with this type of prostheses. Unfortunately, materials used for this purpose is still developing and it serves for relatively short period of time because of limited physical properties. Many attempts to improve the physical properties of the maxillofacial silicones were witnessed over many years. One of these encouraging attempts was the addition of a variety of nanoparticles to achieve better physical properties of the facial rubbers. Many studies found that the addition of certain types of nanoparticles were beneficial in producing facial elastomers with better physical properties... Read More»

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