Abirami Arthanari

Department of Forensic Odontology, Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences, Saveetha University, Chennai, India


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    Knowledge and Awareness about Forensic Entomology in India among Dental Students
    Author(s): Taanya Imtiaz and Abirami Arthanari*

    Introduction: Forensic science deals with various branches, which involve the identification of the dead and also reveals the suspect of the crime. Thus a branch of forensic science is forensic entomology, which is a study that deals with insects and arthropods in a criminal investigation. Insects are used to estimate PMI-post-mortem interval because of the reproductive stage taking place in the dead and decayed corpse. Thus the aim of this study is to investigate the awareness and knowledge about forensic entomology among dental students. Materials and methods: Detailed questionnaire was created with questions about forensic entomology and was circulated to 100 dental undergraduate students through Google forms. The collected data was analysed using chi-square analysis in SPSS software. Results: 83.3% of the dental students are aware about forensic entomology and 73.3% of the dental .. Read More»

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