Afrah A Aldelaimi

Department of Oral Diagnosis, College of Dentistry, University of Anbar, Ramadi Teaching Hospital, Ramadi city, Anbar Province, Iraq


  • Research   
    Tumors of Craniofacial Region in Iraq (Clinicopathological Study)
    Author(s): Afrah A Aldelaimi*, Hamid H Enezei, Tahrir N Aldelaimi and Khalil Abdulla Mohammed

    Craniofacial tumors are a heterogeneous pathologic disorder with various clinical behaviors and histopathological presentation. Due to their special location, these neoplasms affect speaking and swallowing that may result in movement of teeth, bony expansion and involvement of adjacent craniofacial structures and destruction. This study aims to conduct a clinicopathological study of the management of the craniofacial tumors among patients in Iraq. A total of 319 patients, including 157 (≈49%) males and 162 (≈51%) females, enrolled in the study were attending the Ramadi Teaching Hospital, Zuhur Private Hospital, Razi Private Hospital and Rashid Private Hospital for diagnosis and treatment. Of the total collected samples, 75 (23%) were in the age group of 3140 years, 168 (54%) were presented as mass, 102 (32%) were treated by surgical excision and 51 (16%) were treated by la.. Read More»

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