Ahmed Farhan

Department of Internal Medicine, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Pakistan


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    To Assess the Frequency of Face Mask Practices and Attitudes during the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic?An Online Survey
    Author(s): Ahmed Farhan*, Aadil Farooq, Hassan-ur-Rehman and Rabail Chaudhry

    Objective: COVID-19 is a viral infection that primarily spreads via respiratory droplets. No definitive treatment is accessible at the moment. As the therapy of the infection is still a matter of debate and under consideration. Hence, prevention by means of appropriately use of face mask is the key measure to restrict the spread of infection. Therefore, this survey was designed to assess the practices and attitudes towards the use of face mask to avoid the spread of infection. Methodology: This was an observational study conducted using a semi-structured questionnaire during the COVID-19 pandemic from June 2020 to December 2020. The questionnaire consisted of two parts :(1) Four questions related to basic demographic characteristics (gender, education, marital status, and occupation), and (2)Seven questions related to knowledge, attitude, and practices regarding the use of face mask t.. Read More»

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